“Gender Based Violence and Spiritual Healing”
Theodore Tsavoussis
Traditional Healer, Bahamas

“The Relevance of International Treaties to National Development”
Ms. Gabrielle Henderson
Programme Specialist
UN Women Sub regional Office for the Caribbean, Barbados

"Due Diligence and State Obligation to End Violence against Women: global standards and good practices".
Ms. Janine Moussa
International Human Rights Lawyer
Co-director of the Due Diligence Project, USA

“Beyond the Obvious: Investigating for Power and Control - Assessing the Threat to Victims and Police Officers”
Lt. Mark Wynn
Consultant Trainer in Gender Based Violence Prevention, USA

"Stewards of Children Training"
Marilyn Conolly
Authorised Facilitator/Trainer
Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children, Cayman Islands

“If you love me so much, why do you hurt me so?”
Dr. Ada Thompson
Physician, Bahamas

“Living Precarious Lives: Protecting trafficking victims through the prevention, suppression and punishment
of trafficking in persons”
Mrs. Missouri Sherman-Peter
Adviser, Ministry of National Security of The Bahamas, Bahamas

"Peace at Home: What the Law Provides"
Mrs. Cleopatra Christie
Attorney , Bahamas

“Corporal Punishment: A Painful Blow to Children's Rights”
Mrs. Hazel Thompson-Ahye
Attorney-at-Law/Child Rights Advocate, Bahamas

"Personal Peace-where the shift occurs"
Mrs. Helen MacMillan
Wholistic practitioner, Mind body expert, Jamaica/USA

"Creating Partnerships for Peaceful Solutions”
Audrey Ingram-Roberts

"The Way Forward"
Dr. Sandra Dean-Patterson

Director The Crisis Centre, Bahamas

“Love is not Abuse”: Healthy Teen Relationships "
Roslyn Parker
Social Entrepreneur and Humanitarian/USA
Tyson McKenzie
President of the National Youth Council/Bahamas  

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